Let me introduce us...


Who is Sam Silverlake?

We are a dedicated team of voice-first application creators. 

We believe a great voice application has to add functional value and have a personality you can develop a relationship to. Sam Silverlake is our archetype character and a guiding spirit in creating a voice-driven application that will make you feel something.



Karile Klug                                                              

B.Sc. Business Management, M.Sc. Sociology

I am the founder of Sam Silverlake. I oversee discovery, product, VUI and project management functions, in addition to the general management tasks.  

With 10+ years of experience in innovation management roles in tech companies (incl. TomTom BV, XING SE) I have discovered voice-first AI platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and sparks started flying. As a sociologist by education, I am fascinated by the first authentic conversations between humans and machines, and the potential of relationships between us. 




Yuen Fang                                                                  

B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence, M.Sc. Cognitive Neuroscience

With Sam Silverlake, I'm responsible for the technical development.

In the past I had the good fortune to work with big data and cutting-edge technology at various research institutes (Donders Institute, UC Berkeley, Institute for Artificial Intelligence Bremen). In recent years AI technology has transitioned from a mostly academic endeavor to making a difference in the real world. My goal is to make user-friendly products that work like magic.





Olexandr Zagaria

B.Sc. Physics & Electronics, M.Sc. Computer Engineering

With Sam Silverlake, I'm a DevOps/Software Engineer. My strengths are databases, CI/CD, NodeJS, .NET, C#, Python.

Voice control will be one of the key technologies in our lifetime. I can't wait to experience a universal voice assistant equal to Jarvis from Iron Man. While it will still take a while for currently available platforms to get there, I am excited to participate 



Andrii Romanenko

B.Sc. Physics & Electronics, M.Sc. Physics

With Sam Silverlake I am a firmware/software engineer.

I am passionate about new unusual ways of using technology. I love hardware hacking as much as I love snowboarding, and tend to push boundaries and break things while experimenting with both. I like working with VOICE, as the most natural way to interact with computers (before Elon Musk launches the neuralink anyway :) ).